North Miami CRA Housing Programs

One of the primary objectives of a community redevelopment agency is to effectuate positive change within the targeted area through improvements of business and residential structures. To that end, the NMCRA works to transform that area into one that again contributes to the overall health of the community. This transformation occurs through the various grants and incentives initiatives listed below:

 Commercial Grants
 Public Private Partnership Developments
 Infrastructure Improvements
 Residential and Neighborhood Improvement Programs
 Affordable, Workforce, Market Rate, Luxury and Mixed Income Housing
 Affordable/Workforce Housing Development & Renovation
 Transportation and Transit Oriented Developments


While each grant program may have individual requirements, the NMCRA requires all projects abide by the following to be considered:

1. Must be within the NMCRA geographic boundary
2. Must have a visible improvement to the property or area
3. Must eliminate slums and blight
4. Must meet current NMCRA Redevelopment Plan goals and objectives
5. Must show quantifiable benefits to the community


How to apply for grant assistance.

STEP 1:  Review grants below

STEP 2: Choose applicable grants and download guidelines

STEP 3: Schedule a consultation appointment by calling (305) 895-9839.

STEP 4: Submit Application. 


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