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NORTH MIAMI, FL. – (March 16, 2023) – The North Miami CRA (NMCRA) is proud to announce that Anna-Bo Emmanuel has been appointed as Executive Director.

Emmanuel joined the NMCRA team as the In-House CRA Attorney in December 2022. As the Executive Director, she will lead the agency’s execution of the redevelopment plan for the designated area which  encompasses 65% of the city. In this new capacity, she will manage how the NMCRA utilizes property taxes generated within its boundaries to remove slum and blight, create affordable housing, and promote economic development.

 “I am happy to serve as the Executive Director of the North Miami CRA to continue the transformational work already underway in one of the most fast-growing areas of Miami-Dade County,” said Anna-Bo Emmanuel, Executive Director of the NMCRA. “I am committed to strengthening this community and championing development opportunities that elevate and renew the unique character of North Miami.”

Ms. Emmanuel received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Miami, her Juris Doctor from the FIU College of Law, and her LLM in Real Estate and Property Development from the University of Miami School of Law. Her prior CRA experience includes her service as Chief Legal Counsel and Assistant Director for the SEOPW CRA and as the Assistant Director of the City of Homestead CRA.

Ms. Emmanuel is a Class VIII member of the Miami Fellows and is a member of several voluntary bar associations.

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