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North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is an independent government agency tasked with eliminating slum and blight in a designated area. North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is an independent government agency tasked with eliminating slum and blight in a designated area. The NMCRA does this by using increases in taxable values, for a limited period of time within a deteriorating area, to transform it into one that again contributes to the overall health of the community.


This transformation occurs through the various grants and incentives initiatives listed below: 

  • Commercial Rehabilitation and Beatification Grants
  • Public Private Partnership Developments
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Neighborhood Improvement Programs
  • Affordable, Workforce, Market Rate, Luxury, and Mixed-Income Housing
  • Affordable/Workforce Housing Development & Renovation
  • Transportation and Transit Developments


Every project must be approved by the NMCRA and is subject to funding availability.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Miami CRA is to eliminate slum and blight by providing the following:

Stimulate private investment and economic growth

  1. Identify potential developments or investment opportunities with long term community benefits
  2. Negotiate development agreements
  3. Develop and maintain public-private development projects
  4. Provide economic incentives to support private investment, reinvestment and blight removal
  5. Promote tourism and expand tourism opportunities

Mobilize Community Stakeholders

  1. Develop and maintain effective working relations and community presence with residents, community organization and businesses
  2. Support community events and festivals
  3. Develop effective mechanisms for communicating with the diverse residents, community organizations and businesses
  4. Engage the community in CRA projects
  5. Identify and develop potential community partners who will contribute to a better Hollywood community
  6. Develop public understanding of the value and education of the CRA

Providing leadership for the CRA Zone

  1. Develop visions for the CRA zone
  2. Establish five year, outcome-based goals for the CRA
  3. Develop a one-year action agenda with specific projects and activities
  4. Maintain a financially sound CRA
  5. Develop and maintain an effective CRA organization with top quality managers and employees
  6. Develop and update the Strategic Plan and the mandated CRA planning documents

Upgrade the public infrastructure and public spaces

  1. Work with the City to design public infrastructure projects
  2. Provide funds for infrastructure design and construction
  3. Provide funds for the maintenance of the public infrastructure
  4. Work with the City to anticipate future infrastructure needs and projects
  5. Develop long-term capital projects with funding mechanisms for construction and ongoing maintenance.

Partner with the City of North Miami and Other Government Agencies

  1. Identify target areas and work with city to resolve issues in a timely manner
  2. Develop and maintain effective working relationship with city staff
  3. Collaborate on joint City-CRA projects
  4. Participate on city projects that affect the CRA area and share expertise to enhance the North Miami community
  5. Develop vision, goals and annual work program with city input and participation
  6. Maintain open, two-way communications between the CRA and the City
  7. Fund city positions to address conditions of slums and blight

For more information visit us at: North Miami Community Redevelopment 735 NE 125th Street North Miami, Florida 33161 305-895-9839

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