The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency

Helping to build North Miami's Tomorrow


About the North Miami CRA



The Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA) is an independent government agency that was fully established in 2005 by the City of North Miami and Miami-Dade County, under Chapter 163 of the Florida Statutes. The NMCRA is charged with the responsibility of eliminating conditions of blight that exist within the City and helping to improve the quality of life by revitalizing the City’s physical, economic, educational and social resources. The designated Community Redevelopment Area comprises some 3,250 acres, approximately 60% of the City. (See our Boundary Map)


CRAs are a common governmental tool for redevelopment in the State of Florida, and they operate on a budget generated by an increase in property taxes within the area. Once the CRA is established, a percentage of the increase in real property taxes goes to the CRA. This tax increment is used to finance the redevelopment projects outlined in the Community Redevelopment Plan.